Simpsons t-shirts, without the cringe

Subtle, minimalist prints of your favourite references.

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The extra F is for FAQ


Why are the designs so boring?

Great question!

There are millions of tees out there with big, loud prints on them.

Do a quick image search of "Steamed Hams Tshirt" and count how many of those you'd actually wear.

Chances are you'll either be:

a) Embarassed to wear them in public


b) You'd wear them, but the novelty would fade pretty quickly and they get added to your pile of bummin' around tees.

Our goal is to create tees that are recognisable by other Simpsons fans, but subtle enough to wear to the pub.

What do you print on?

We use AS Colour Men's Classic Tees - the best basic tees in Aus (in our opinion!)

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How much is shipping?

Orders over $50: Free

Orders under $50: 5 Dollarydoos

Works on contingency?

No, money down!

Keep it subtle, keep it tasteful.