About Us

The ultimate goal for Unforgettable Luncheon is to make it easier for fans to identify each other, without making it too obvious. 

Nobody wants to go to the pub wearing a shirt that has faces of cartoon characters plastered all over it.

Or maybe people do. We don't know.

Frankly, we don't want to know.

It's a market we can do without. 

As a result, Unforgettable Luncheon was created for the type of Aussie that:

  • Can't hear common phrases like "dental plan" or "aurora borealis" the same ever again.
  • Loves to tastefully insert references of that cartoon into everyday life. 
  • Loves meeting others who do the same.

Whether it's your trivia team's next uniform or a gift for that weird mate who won't stop quoting Simpsons, UL shirts are the more tasteful choice.

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